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about me.

Patrick J. Hiemstra

Patrick Hiemstra (1997) graduated with Honours from HKU in 2019. 


The definition of the word "HIEM" in Frisian is Heritage. So is his goal with using his name as his brand as well; To leave something meaningful behind. Each and every design he makes is a reflection of what is going on in him, the society around him and the people that inspire him.

The legacy he wants to prevail is for a visible strike against patriarchy to be noticed. To re-defy masculinity with extravagant volumes;

Everything a man wears is men's wear, period.

Studio Hiem stands on three vital and distinctive pillars; Design, styling and Illustration. 

What I aspire my aesthetic to be is a comprehensible love letter that describes the odd harmony between maximal-ism and nonchalance, couture and adaptability, and cliché and innovative design.

For me, styling is all about a pursuit to find odd new ways to combine garments. To create a new view on an already so recognizable silhouette.


 And as for my illustrations, my main goal is to create "caricaturistic" out-of-proportion dolls with an Haute Couture attitude.

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